Fitz Week - Day Two: Favorite Outfitz(es)

#s: agents of shield   #c: leo fitz   
#s: parks and recreation   
#s: shameless   #c: svetlana milkovich   #c: mickey milkovich   
#s: the knick   



#p: patrick stump   
How sexy is your name?


Add the letters in your first name using the numbers below =) 

- Under 60 points= NOT TOO SEXY
- Between 61-300 points= PRETTY SEXY
- Between 301-599 points= VERY SEXY

  • A=100 B=14 C=9 D=28 E=145 F=12
  • G=3 H=10 I=200 J=100 K=114 L=100 M=25
  • N=450 O=80 P=2 Q=12 R=400 S=113 T=405
  • U=11 V=10 W=10 X=3 Y=210 Z=23

Don’t forget to add your name and your total!!!

1,063 Damn Right!

Happy Birthday Misha Collins!
#p: misha Collins   #happy birthday!!!!   


baby husky and its tennis ball

Omfg this is so cute .__.

  • Sammy: d-d-d
  • John: ah he is going to say dad!
  • Sammy: d-d-d-dean
  • John:
  • Dean: um
#s: supernatural   #yep that actually happened   #:)   

I’m the best of the best. I’m Blair Waldorf.

#s: gossip girl   #c: Blair Waldorf   

Peter & Jenna meet the press in New York

  • Peter: It’s a different show from when I was growing up
  • Jenna: Now it’s in colour,
#s: doctor who   #omfg that's perfect   #p: peter capaldi   #p: jenna coleman   
#s: psych   

I won’t let you down, Shepard.

#mass effect   

A lot of my friends ask to touch my head. I just stand there and get stroked for five minutes. It’s a free massage.

#p: natalie dormer   


"This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse." [x]

#p: misha collins